CogniKids Sip® Accessory Pack - Tangerine / Flamingo

  Recommended Age: 6 months+

Drinking from a straw is a very simple yet effective way of improving little ones oral motor skills. It also works on lip seal, tongue retraction, cheek strength, correct jaw position, suck-swallow-breather coordination, consecutive swallows and more. Sucking action can also help little ones organise, increase their attention, and soothe / calm themselves.

  • Our supersoft silicone straws are soft and comfortable in the mouth of little ones.
  • The straws are short which allows little one to have more control with the cup and straw use.
  • The length of the straw also means that there will not be too much straw going too far back in the mouth.
  • Our lid is a supersoft silicone that provides a seal that prevents liquids from escaping.
  • Designed to be used with our super soft straws.
  • Can be used on their own as a lid when using our Sip cup as a portion pot for out and about.

Dishwasher friendly
Made from food grade silicone

Our product #: 206335

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