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Lactation Support

Breastfeeding is an essential journey for both the newborn and the mother. Baby Central Singapore's lactation support category offers a wide range of products to assist in making this journey easier and more comfortable for mothers. Our selection varies from innovative breastfeeding appliances, Breastfeeding is an essential journey for both the newborn and the mother. Baby Central Read More
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Lactation Essentials for the Modern Mother

At Baby Central Singapore, our primary aim is to provide new mothers with comprehensive breastfeeding solutions. Our selection of lactation products echo that ethos. Breast pumps are an indispensable asset for contemporary, working mothers and we have an extensive collection suited to various needs and budgets. We offer electric and manual units, each with unique benefits designed to make a mother's life less challenging. Don't miss our selection of breast pump accessories either; we have everything from breast shields to milk storage bags.

Breastfeeding Comfort Products

Breastfeeding can often strain mothers physically. That's why, we also stock an impressive range of products designed specifically for comfort during nursing. Discover our nursing pillows that aid in maintaining an ergonomic posture during feeds, or our nursing pads to help with leakages.

Supportive Snacks for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding isn’t just demanding on a physical level; it increases the nutritional needs of a mother. To support all the hardworking mums out there, we have included in our range, a variety of healthy, lactation-friendly snacks. These include organic teas, cookies and more, packed with nutrient-dense ingredients known to boost milk supply.

Nourishing the Mother and the Baby

Breastfeeding is about nourishing the baby as well as the mother. Baby Central Singapore's comprehensive range of lactation support products is committed to providing products that invest in the health of both parties.

Trustworthy Brands for Quality Assurance

When it comes to our babies, compromise is not an option. And we at Baby Central Singapore feel the same way. Hence, we have curated our lactation support category from top brands globally renowned for their impeccable quality and safety standards. Trust in names like Lansinoh, Medela, Spectra, and Tommee Tippee when taking your lactation journey with Baby Central Singapore.

Baby Central Singapore: Your Partner in Successful Breastfeeding

Baby Central Singapore is dedicated to offering support to new mothers in their breastfeeding journey. We pride ourselves on being a central hub for all your lactation support needs. From breastfeeding essentials to comfort products and nourishing snacks, our aim is to make breastfeeding a happy and healthy experience for both mother and child.