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Discover CogniKids at Baby Central Singapore, your trusted retailer for high-quality baby products that prioritize your baby's neurological and sensory development. Shop for the CogniKids Grip and CogniKids Sip, designed to promote independent feeding and ease the Discover CogniKids at Baby Central Singapore, your trusted retailer Read More
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CogniKids - Nurture Your Little Genius!

Welcome to the wonderful world of CogniKids, a brand passionately committed to the growth and development of your baby. CogniKids was born out of a desire to support babies' neurological and sensory development through products that are made to the highest safety standards​​.

With a love for children at its core, CogniKids crafts products that serve as building blocks for your baby's future skills. These products, invented and founded by a leading Neurological Development Therapist and mum of two, Ollwyn Moran, embody a fun-loving attitude that promotes learning through movement and activity. Prepare to be amazed by the difference CogniKids can make in your child's development!


Baby Central Singapore - The Perfect Place for CogniKids!

When you choose Baby Central Singapore for your CogniKids shopping, you are selecting a retailer that aligns with the values of CogniKids - putting babies first and ensuring products are made to the highest safety standards. Here's why Baby Central Singapore is the perfect place to buy CogniKids' revolutionary products:


CogniKids Grip:

This incredible product, the Grip, is designed to help babies grasp their own bottle, promoting independent feeding and easing the transition from breast to bottle. The Grip is carefully designed to develop both fine and gross motor skills, helping your baby's sensory system grow​​.

It's universally compatible, soft, and flexible, fitting many different baby bottles. This unique design supports the bottle from the bottom up, allowing your baby to feed more independently and fuss-free​​. It's also perfect for glass bottles, providing added protection from accidental drops​​.


CogniKids Sip:

The Sip Accessories Pack is an essential for little ones on the move. The pack includes a clever silicone lid and a carefully positioned silicone free-flow straw, making it an excellent alternative to open-cup drinking, especially when on the go​​.


Trust and Safety:

Shopping at Baby Central Singapore ensures you're buying authentic CogniKids products that support healthy neurological & sensory development. We stand by the quality and safety of our products, offering you peace of mind in your purchases.


[delivery_speed] and Reliable Delivery:

Baby Central Singapore provides [delivery_speed] and reliable delivery, ensuring your CogniKids products reach you in a timely manner.


Customer Support:

Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns about CogniKids products.


Weaning Products:

Explore the range of weaning products, from the Ultimate Weaning Set to the ideal spoon for weaning and beyond. Each product is carefully designed to encourage independent feeding and build confidence while helping to develop fine motor skills​​.


Join the Baby Central Singapore family today and discover the joy of shopping for CogniKids products that help your child develop their in-built potential