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Baby Gyms

Step into the world of Baby Gyms at Baby Central Singapore, your ultimate destination for your baby's growth and development. Our wide selection of baby gyms, activity gyms, and gym mats are more than play areas; they are your baby's first learning environment. Thoughtfully designed with lights, Step into the world of Baby Gyms at Baby Central Singapore, your ultimate destination for your Read More
Baby Gyms
Baby Gyms
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Baby Gyms - Spurring Infant Growth!


Welcome to the wonderful world of Baby Gyms, where fun and development go hand in hand. These products are not just colourful play areas but are also designed to stimulate your baby's senses and support their developmental milestones.


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Why should you buy baby gyms at Baby Central Singapore? Baby gyms are much more than a playmat with dangling toys, they are your baby's first classroom, teaching them about the world around them, and what better place to start this journey than Baby Central Singapore?


Baby gyms, also known as activity gyms or play gyms, are soft mats adorned with two arches that support toys which dangle overhead. Some come equipped with lights, music, baby-safe mirrors, kick-activated pianos, tummy time pillows, and a variety of textured materials, while others provide a simple, safe space for your baby to lay, look, and play​1​.


Purchasing a baby gym from Baby Central Singapore is an investment in your child's future. Our range of baby gyms provides a plethora of developmental benefits. They are instrumental in teaching your baby the basics of cause and effect. Between about 6 weeks and 8 months, babies engage in activities such as batting at a toy and then repeat these actions because they find them fun. This is the beginning of logic and the understanding of cause and effect, and our baby gyms facilitate this development​​.


Baby gyms are also designed to improve visual perception. Newborn babies, who are near-sighted, can perceive objects the most clearly when they are about 8-12 inches from their face. The dangling toys on baby gyms are ideally positioned to accommodate a newborn's developing visual perceptual skills​.


Grasping and reaching skills are essential for your baby's development, and baby gyms are ideally suited to foster these skills. They encourage babies to use their reflexive skills in a functional manner, leading to the development of hand-eye coordination. By about 5 or 6 months old, babies should begin to grasp objects in a baby play gym voluntarily as opposed to reflexively​​.


Not to mention, baby gyms also support gross motor development by encouraging babies to use and develop the muscles in their arms, legs, and tummy. They also aid in the development of higher-level gross motor skills like rolling, crawling, and walking and are excellent tools for tummy time, which is crucial for your baby's development​​.


Many of the baby gyms we carry come equipped with a small, non-breakable mirror that promotes self-awareness in babies as they spend time looking at themselves in the mirror​​.


At Baby Central Singapore, we understand that each baby is unique, and we strive to cater to every individual need. Our selection of the best baby gyms, baby activity gyms, baby gym mats, and baby play gyms have been carefully chosen to ensure safety, quality, and the potential for optimal development.


Shopping at Baby Central Singapore not only guarantees you top-quality products, but also friendly and professional customer service, speedy delivery, and the assurance that you are investing in your baby's future. So why wait? Start your baby's learning journey with Baby Central Singapore today!