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Ezee-Reach Stay-Put Cutlery+Bowl - Blue Car

Ezee-Reach Stay-Put Cutlery+Bowl - Blue Car

Vendor by Ezee-Reach

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For generations children from around the world have thrown cutlery to the floor at mealtime. This unique, fun product provides a practical way of tackling this age old problem, whilst providing the child with additional motorskill benefits too.

The flexible coils attached to Stay-Put Cutlery have a retention which acts like a memory gently returning the child’s hand back to the bowl after the child has eaten. This encourages the child to repeat the process and independent eating skills soon follow. Co-ordination and dexterity are very much enhanced which greatly benefits the child in play and pre-school development. Furthermore, the Stay-Put Cutlery & Bowl are BPA free - so safer for your toddler to use.