Nuby My Real Potty


Potty training can be intimidating, Nuby’s My Real Potty helps make the experience relaxed and fun for parent and child. The potty’s design mirrors real, full-size toilets which helps children transition to a real toilet when they are ready. Realistic flushing sounds are fun and engaging, making the learning process easier for children. Cleanup is easy for parents, thanks to our removable bowl. Get started on potty training with your little one today!


  • More modern looking
  • Realistic training toilet that looks and feels just like an adult version.
  • Features real, life-like toilet flushing sound when you press the flush button.
  • The potty seat lid opens and closes like an adult toilet.
  • Top lid covers the unsightly screws in the front and has ergonomic curves/texture to make it easier to lift up
  • Integrated splash guard works for boys and girls, and helps prevent accidents and unwanted mess.
  • Toilet bowl is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Non-slip base helps stop the potty seat from sliding or moving.
  • Four anti-skid rubber bases are superior with glue and screw attachment, so they actually pass the toys regulation
  • Back tank locks in place and conveniently fits full-sized baby wet wipes.
  • Wipe slit in the back compartment is properly centered so wipes can actually be pulled out easily
  • Includes 2 x AA batteries 
  • Color : White/Grey
  • Dimension : 36 x 39 x 25 cm

Our product #: 198985

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