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Nuby 10pcs Small Kids Face Masks - Monsters


Thanks to these super handy-to-have single-use Dr Talbot Kids Face Masks by Nuby, you kids can still be able to get outside without the worry! Available in cute designs that your kids will love, these easy to use kids face masks are designed specifically for 2-5 year olds and have comfy, soft ear loops that you can help them to slip over one ear at a time. They even have an easy-bend nose clip to fit their littler nose bridge to keep them in place.

Available as a pack of 10, they’re small enough to have to hand whenever you might need them! Awesome-ness in a box!

  • 3-Ply non-woven fabric for effective protection against pollen and droplets
  • Soft and comfortable non-woven fabric
  • Soft ear loops for comfort and easy use
  • Easy bend nose clip to keep in mask place
  • Suitable for all face shapes
  • Size: 12.5cm X 8cm
  • Directions for use: Only an adult should open the package and take out the face mask. Carefully slip one loop over one ear and the next loop over your child's ear. Adjust as needed to make comfortable. Mask should cover the nose and mouth. Bend nose clip so it fits to your child's nose bridge.

Our product #: 217907

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