Lansinoh Hot & Cold Postpartum Therapy Packs (12-Pack)


Lansinoh’s innovative Cold & Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad is used for soothing comfort and relieving pain after delivery.

Made with TheraPearl ColorSmart Technology, these after birth pads can be used cold to provide relief from perineal, haemorrhoidal or C-section discomfort. Or used warm, the pads can be applied to the abdomen for soothing relief from postnatal uterine cramping commonly experienced after birth.

Safe for postpartum use and while breastfeeding, the soothing pad effectively moulds to the body and stays flexible after freezing.


  • Safe & backed by research
  • Designed for postpartum use
  • Reusable; to last as long as your recovery takes
  • Easy to use with color changing technology
  • BPA,BPS,Phthalate-free
  • What's in the box: 2 reusable packs & 12 disposable sleeves for additional hygienic comfort



How to use


Follow heating and cooling instructions as directed. Apply for 20 minutes or as recommended by your physician.

For Cold Therapy: Freeze pack for 4 hours before use. For Heat Therapy: Microwave for the time indicated. Gently massage pad to evenly distribute heat as indicated by color-changing pearls and test temperature prior to use. Heat only one pack at a time.

May be used with or without disposable sleeve. For external use only. Do not place disposable sleeves in microwave. Use only as directed.


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