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Disposable Diapers: XX-Large (15-26kgs)

  Choosing the right size of diaper for your little one is an important step in ensuring their comfort and preventing leaks. Baby Central Singapore offers a wide variety of disposable diapers in XX-Large size which are designed for babies weighing between 15 to 26kgs. Baby Central   Choosing the right size of diaper for your little one is an important step in Read More
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The Importance of Choosing the Right Diaper Size

When it comes to selecting a diaper, size matters. An adequate fit ensures comfortable movement and prevents leaks. Our XX-Large size is particularly designed for babies weighing between 15-26kgs, ensuring optimal performance. Size indicators are there to provide general guidance, but each baby is unique and may need a certain level of experimentation before finding the perfect fit.

What You Can Expect from Our XX-Large Diapers

Our variety of brands guarantees a wide selection of XXL diapers that rain in features like absorbency, wetness indicator, and unique designs. These diapers are designed not only to absorb and contain, but also to help prevent diaper rash with skin-friendly, breathable materials.

Features of Our XX-Large Diapers

Baby Central Singapore's XX-Large diapers come with many features aimed at providing comfort and ease for both baby and parents. The high absorbency levels ensure maximum leak protection, especially important during night-time. The materials used are breathable and soft to the touch, reducing the chances of diaper rash. These diapers also feature secure fasteners for easy adjustments to the correct fit.

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We carry a variety of brands such as Pampers, Huggies, MamyPoko and more, each offering their own unique benefits.

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