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Bellamy’s Organic mission statement says it all: to make simple, nutritious organic food, free from all bad stuff - A Pure Start to Life.  Bellamy's Organic has a dedicated team of experts who are committed to researching and creating nutritionally balanced, tasty organic Bellamy’s Organic mission statement says it all: to make simple, nutritious organic food, Read More
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Why Organic?

There are some excellent reasons to feed organic food and formula to your precious children to ensure they get the best possible start in life, the most obvious being:

  • Organic farms use neither chemicals nor pesticides.
  • Organic milk is healthier
  • The livestock are raised in a better environment free from GMO grain and growth hormones.
  •  Organic farming bans the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

There are many opinions on whether to breastfeed or formula feed. One thing is certain - you need to do what feels best for you and your baby.

Breast is best, but bottle feeding is also an option

Although breast feeding is best for your child, there may be instances where this is not possible or through personal preference, you choose to bottle feed. Don't worry, there are also advantages to bottle feeding:

  • If your baby is battling to get into an eat/sleep pattern, bottle feeding may help to establish a schedule.
  • Dad can become involved in feeding, which promotes father-baby bonding while giving mum a chance to rest.
  • It is convenient as baby can be fed anywhere, anytime, by anyone.
  • Mum does not have to worry about what she eats as sometimes certain foods she consumes cannot be easily tolerated by baby.
  • Keeping a record of baby's intake is easy so you know how much he is taking in at a feed.

Choosing the right formula

The choice of formula that is available is overwhelming, so it is reassuring to know that Bellamy's Organic is the number one best-selling formula. Bellamy's Organic is committed to sourcing the freshest certified organic ingredients, thereby offering the absolute best quality formula to give baby the best start in life.

Bellamy’s baby and toddler organic formula is a good option. With the broad range of formula products that they have on offer, you can be sure to select the right product for your baby. Bellamy's Organic is considered to be the top infant formula, as it contains 16 added vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, added iron, and it is easy to digest.

Bellamy's Organic is Tasmanian-based and produced of 100% Australian sourced certified organic cow's milk. It contains no artificial preservatives or colourants, no artificial flavours or synthetic pesticides and no GMO ingredients.

Bellamy's Organic formula is easy to prepare as it has clear preparation instructions, a feeding table which guides you on how much baby needs daily and a handy scoop for correct measurement.

There is a suitable product for each age and stage, starting with the Step 1 infant formula. This product is nutritionally complete to support baby's development from newborn to 6 months.

Step 2 follows on and is ideal for the next stage of baby's development, from 6 to 12 months. It is also an excellent choice for supplementary feeding or when starting to wean baby, while Step 3 is ideal for supporting growth in active toddlers from 1 year to 3 years.

Bellamy's Baby Foods

Bellamy's Organic also offers a range of delicious breakfast cereals in convenient pouches. Made from oats and brown rice, the texture is suitable for babies from 6 months. The fruit range has no added sugar and is a great addition to breakfast or as a snack between mealtimes and comes in a tasty selection of fruit combinations to stimulate the tastebuds.

The pasta range contains fun shapes and is a good step in prompting chewing. This is suitable to be introduced to the 8-month-old baby. The pasta and vegi varieties are also popular and nutritionally balanced.

Bellamy's organic snap-dried fruit snacks are convenient and easy to eat anywhere, anytime and offer excellent finger food bites that are crisp and crunchy and full of necessary fibre. These delicious snacks come in a re-sealable pouch.

The slow hard-baked milk rusks prove to be just the thing for teething toddlers. Designed so that baby can bite down hard without breaking the rusk, these can be a suitable alternative to teething rings.

Look no further than the Bellamy’s Organic baby formula and food range for a suitable product for your precious baby!  Available to buy now at Baby Central Singapore for delivery to Singapore