BellaMoon New Moon 4-in-1 Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow


BellaMoon® New Moon is an award-winning luxury pregnancy and nursing pillow which provides intense comfort to you, your bump and your baby during your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Its 4-in-1 multi-functional capability lets you and baby feed, rest, lounge, play, cuddle and do tummy time.

The 4 different functions of the BellaMoon® New Moon include;

  • Pregnancy Pillow
  • Infant Feeding Pillow
  • Infant Tummy Time Pillow
  • Baby Lounger

Sleep Safe & Better
The BellaMoon Pregnancy pillow aids much better and longer sleep during pregnancy, allowing you to be as happy, healthy and rested as possible before welcoming your little baby into the world. During pregnancy, you are advised to sleep on your left side, to promote better blood circulation. BellaMoon's C-shape naturally cocoons you into the best position for the optimum health benefits you need.

Combat Pain & Discomfort
It’s completely normal to experience aches and pains during pregnancy as your body takes on the weight and pressure from your growing bump. Our pillow has been specially engineered to support every pressure point prone to pain throughout your journey, targeting and relieving discomfort in your neck, back and hips as you rest. Our pillow has been praised by so many mothers suffering from intense Pelvic Girdle Paid and Lumbar Back Pain, in helping with their body alignment, providing them with deep comfort and a much better sleep.

The New Moon Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow is multi-functional with 4-in-1 different uses for Mother and Baby.  The head and foot pillows can be unzipped from the end of the pregnancy pillow, and re-zipped together to easily and simply transform into a nursing pillow for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding when sitting upright.  It is designed to support multiple breastfeeding positions, including sitting upright and rugby-hold to give you much greater comfort for your aching arms during nursing.

As baby grows, the pillow can be used as a supervised baby lounger and a tummy-time pillow and will help protect baby from falling side-to-side when learning to sit up.

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