• Totseat - Apple

Totseat - Apple


The Totseat travel highchair (sometimes called a fabric chair harness) anchors your baby (6 months plus) in safety and comfort in almost any adult chair, creating a highchair alternative in the absence of a traditional one. It adjusts quickly and easily for all shapes and sizes of chairs, and babies. Manufactured from robust but comfortable fabrics, it’s pocket-sized and machine-washable (of course).

Confident outings - The portable, fabric Totseat was created simply to make getting out of the house easier - goodness knows this can be difficult enough with a small baby. 

Visiting, visitors and holidays - The wonderful thing about the Totseat portable highchair is that it's so small it can neatly stored in a bag, or drawer, or even the glove-compartment of the car, so it's always ready to spring into action for visitors - or visiting. 

And avoiding hygiene hazards - With a Totseat in your bag, you also avoid the hygiene hazards of dubious looking highchairs often found in busy cafes, particularly those with outside dining areas (and birds ...). Any mess is your own - bliss!

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