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Breastfeeding Like a Champ

Breastfeeding is not only a beautiful bonding experience, it is also the best way to provide essential nutrients to baby. Did you know that mothers can start by preparing for this journey on the day that baby is delivered? Here are some reasons why you should start early:

  • Preventing a slow start - Many mothers experience a slow start for the first few days immediately after delivery. Breastfeeding the precious colostrum can be painful and heart-wrenching when baby doesn’t get enough from you.
  • Consistency is key! Ensuring that you are producing enough milk is not nearly enough as ensuring that the quality produced is thick and yummy enough to keep your baby filled
  • Nursing comfortably

Having enough milk for baby helps with easing both mother and baby into the breastfeeding journey.   

Thankfully, there are some boosters in the market that can help you start strong on your breastfeeding journey.

Yummy lactation treats for your breastfeeding needs at breakfast to kick start a boost-full day (Photo Credit: @sodaapo)

  • Lactation Bakes: These come in all shapes and sizes. From yummy muffins, and cookies to overnight oats and ice cream. There are many in the market, but most mothers seem to prefer Marian's Lactation Bakes winning in both flavor and result. Some of the mummies favorites include Chocolate Chip with Walnut cookies, the Australian Milo mixed muffins and the Lychee Rose Tea.
  • Lactation Dessert: For those who do not like to order bakes, Marian’s Lactation Boost offers cold desserts to help boost not just supply, but also hindmilk! They are the first and only lactation provider to offer Lactation Ice Cream.
  • Tea drinkers: Yes, you can also drink your way to lactation abundance with as little as 0 calories with the tea! Marian’s collection also boasts an assortment of teas like the Lychee Rose Tea, Blueberry Pomegranate Tea and Chai Spice Tea.
  • Massages: Place a warm compress on your breast for a few minutes. Massage your breast from the top towards the nipple with a slight firm pressure. Gently move in rotating circles round your breast, to stimulate flow and ease congestion.

About Marian:

Marian started out baking for fun but as her older sisters and friends started getting pregnant and complaining about supply, she decided to help by baking yummy delights that also boost milk flow. Today, she is known in the market for baking delish delights at unbeatable prices. Her goodies are so yummy that even non lactating members of family eat them too! (Hint: they are chockful of goodness!)

She now gives new mothers support with personal calls to help them through with problems and issues faced to help them further with easing into a more successful breastfeeding journey.

Follow Marian on @marianslactationboost on Facebook and Instagram.