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Baby Central Momtrepreneur: Nupur Khemka of MIRA Skincare

As part of our International Women's Day spotlight, we chat to Nupur Khemka, founder of MIRA SkincareAn MBA by training, banker for 8 years and mom of 2, Nupur is passionate about creating high-quality, natural and sustainable products that are good for you, your loved ones and the environment - "I wanted to create products that are all about providing people with little doses of relaxation and happiness as they go about their busy schedules."

1. What was your inspiration behind Mira Skincare? 
Mira started more as a passion project. I grew passionate about soap making when I was on a maternity break and loved everything about it. It was a mix of art and science. And when I tried the first handmade soap, I instantly felt that it was so different than the commercial soaps and more people should try it. I also realised that when I was working in the corporate world, people did not have enough time for ourselves. And so, I decided to create a brand focussing on self care and wellness. Idea was to introduce products that people could use at home and it would help them de stress.



2. What were the main challenges you faced when launching your business?
I found a couple of things challenging. I wanted to hire but did not find someone for a very long time. As my business is about handmade products, it would get very tedious to do everything myself. And the second thing was to set boundaries. I realised I was working way more than I should and I had spread myself too thin, not leaving much time for myself and my family.


3. What do you love about your current job?
I love that I can control every aspect - the products I want to launch, the packaging I want etc and that I don't need any approvals. I love seeing it grow as I feel I have built it from scratch.


4. Could you share your favourite self care tip for moms? 
I would say never forget to take care of yourself. Self care could be anything-  a day at the salon, buying your favourite lipstick, signing up for a dance or pilate class, lighting a candle, wearing your best dress without any occasion. It's all in the little things. As they say you cant pour from an empty cup and so you must be happy so your family is happy.


5. What advice would you give to someone trying to balance both motherhood and career? 
To set boundaries. Important to say no to things, so you don't overbook yourself and feel overwhelmed. And don't let mom guilt stop you for pursuing your passion. Kids will always understand and will take us as their role model when they grow up. 


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