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A Shopping Guide on Maternity & Nursing Bras

Are you a new momma? Or did you just find out you’re expecting?

First of all, congrats!

Pregnancy and motherhood are beautiful, life-changing experiences.

But they can also be pretty daunting and overwhelming, especially when it’s your first time.

As you step into motherhood, your body slowly begins changing, and one of the first things you will notice is a change in your bra size.

You might be tempted to just buy a bigger fashion bra or make do with the ones you have, but as you progress through different stages of your pregnancy, wearing a regular bra can turn out to be a nuisance. They won’t provide the level of support, comfort, confidence and ease that your body needs. Not to mention the underwire can dig into your sensitive breasts and cause you discomfort.

In this exciting time, your changing body demands nurturing care and comfort, and maternity bras can be the first step in achieving that.

But how do you find the best nursing bra that works for you? This short guide on shopping for the right nursing/maternity bra will hopefully help you out:

Why do I need a Maternity/Nursing bra?

Maternity bras are the very definition of comfort. They are made of a soft and stretchy material that moulds to changing body shape to provide the support you need.

Think wider straps, extra hooks and a softer lining: all meant to cup and comfort your breasts more snugly.

The key difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra is that the latter comes with clips, panels or clasps that free you of the hassle of unhooking or taking your bra off for nursing.

What do I look for when choosing a maternity/nursing bra?

Bravado Designs Original Nursing Bra

Here are the 3 main things that you should consider when getting a maternity/nursing bra:

  1. The first thing is the most obvious one – comfort. Look for a soft, non-chafing material that is also breathable. Belly Bandit's B.D.A Bra has a lightweight stretch and recover fabric that offers gentle support and also doubles up as a super comfy sleep bra.
  2. Focus on the design – it’s better to go with a wireless bra that has broader back and sides and wide shoulder straps. A seamless bra like Belly Bandit's Anti Bra  is not only comfortable but also fits snugly, stays invisible and maintains shape.
  3. You might also want to consider different nursing options. Most award winning brands have a deep center opening at the front so there is ample room for your baby feeding comfortably. Also, the best maternity bra like Bravado Design's Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra will have cups that can be opened and closed with a clasp using one hand and drop away completely for maximum skin-to-skin contact with your baby.
  4. Support and flexibility are also key areas to consider. As you lactate and the breasts get heavier, bras that are too tight or have an underwire can add pressure to the milk ducts and cause complications.
  5. Measure your size correctly and if you’re getting the bra during early pregnancy, consider getting a more versatile fit so you can enjoy comfort and support in later stages as well.

At the end of the day, every mom is different and knows best what works for her. Prioritise your comfort over everything and you’ll be on your way to a smoother, nursing journey. Lots of love!

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