BabyBjorn Feeding Bib Set 2-Pack - Powder Pink

  Recommended Age: 4 months+

Happier and less messy family mealtimes with matching bibs for older and younger siblings.

What’s included in the feeding bib set?
Two super-comfy bibs in different sizes. A smaller bib that best suits a baby aged 4–10 months and a larger bib that can be used from the age of approximately 4 months.

For whom is the feeding bib set suitable?
This set consists of matching bibs in two different sizes—ideal for younger siblings. It’s also a good set to have at home when your growing baby needs a larger bib.

What are the benefits of the bibs?
Both bibs have soft and comfy neckbands that don’t chafe and generous spill pockets to catch any food that doesn’t make it into your little one’s mouth. The bibs are made from a water-repellent material that prevents mess and liquid from soaking through to stain clothes.

Are the bibs dishwasher safe?
Yes, they’re easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Are the bibs safe for my child?
Yes, of course! All our kitchen products comply with the relevant safety requirements for plastic in both Europe and the USA. This means that the plastic we use undergoes continual rigorous testing for Bisphenol A (BPA) and other harmful substances and is certified food safe.

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